Top 10 Essential Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

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It is astonishing to produce a thing and capture a huge range of market but it is only due to something captivating that attracts a large no of customers. Every user of iPhone has not enough information to employ and get benefitted. In this regard, this article has helped them a lot to understand untapped specifications of Smartphone users.
Top 10 Essential Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

Operating Systems of Android

Froyo 2.2

Gingerbread 2.3

Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Following are things that are supposed to be worth mentioning for Android users.

1 Respond to a call with a text

This is an age of engagements where we have to be connected on Smartphone to our customers or other relationships. Mostly, we are in an important meeting either official or personal and we are unable to respond to a caller but even we cannot ignore him/her as well. Android will help you in this matter easily.
If your gadget is running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich then as the call knocks the door of your Smartphone, it appears three options;

Pick Up


Ignore with text

The mode of answering is a variable factor in all the Smartphone, slide to left, and right or up for answer.
There are ready made texts to apply ignore with text option like, call me later, busy at this moment etc. It is better to respond every call in order to avoid inconvenience of caller.

Load Flash content on demand

Android users must be happy that it provides all types of video supported by Flash Content. Sometimes, it becomes really overburdened, consequently, slowing down you Smartphone. If you want to avoid this unwelcome situation then you have to follow the following procedure.

Tap Advance

Enable Plug from Always to On Demand

Restart your browser

Personalize Voice Recognition

This is an era of galloping and best effort is underway to save the time as much as it can be possible. In this regard, voice recognition feature of Smartphone is going to prove a blessing but as it is at initial stage, it produces most of time sarcastic results. Users of Froyo and Gingerbread must download
Google’s free Voice Search App.
If your Android is not yielding proper results then you must jump to personalized voice recognition Manu.


Language and Input

Text to speech output

Turn On, Personalized Recognition

This process might take a while but it will certainly bring forth better results.

Keep Tabs on your data

In US most of Android users are getting benefit from unmetered data plans of Sprint and Verizon. Most of time it exceeds a specific limit and invites inflicting results but it is not too odd to deal with.
Ice Cream Sandwich gives you a built-in option to keep tabs on your data. If you are using a certain limit data plan, it will simply alarm you, when you will touch the approaching limit.

Google Voice Integration

As you know, Android is on war with iOS in lieu of specifications. At present, it is quite simple to say that Android is outpacing its counterpart. The integration of Google Apps, Gmail, Tags, and Switch On accounts and many more what you want to do is possible now for Android users.
Voice provides you with a new number or even you can use your existing one as well, if you move to another area where threat of roaming charges is hovering around you, you can simply integrate it with Google and it can be used as local number.
Android supports voice messages to be transcript into text message if you are not in the position to hear.
Google Voice will help you a lot entertain yourself with free texting provided you have settled account with it. Android helps you to forward incoming texts as emails easily.

Switch between 3G and 4G

As iPhone has become one of the top leading Smartphone versions in the tech world so it should meet all the requirements of the modern time. Today, cellular networks are hanging between 3G and 4G. One thing is for sure that all iPhone versions have not proper 4G supporting Antenna and in this way it merely consumes its battery without giving any suitable outcome. It mere becomes a white elephant.
In order to support either 3G or 4G, Android gives a superb solution of this problem. You can manually switch on one of any option.

Mobile Networks


Network Mode

CDMA 3G or LET/CDMA (3G&4g)

Customize Your Lock Screen

Your Smartphone are just like the gold lockup which should be preserved from insecure hands. In such cases, Android provides you with an option to apply 4 digit PIN code. Even you can simply apply password to your home screen the way you apply on your PC. In case of Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, you can get benefit of “Face Unlock” option.
But most of times, it becomes risky as someone might use the picture of original owner and get access to his precious data. However, it is really innovative. If you are not pretty insecure, then, simply get access to your camera while jumping to camera icon. In this way, you can access to your Smartphone with the blessings of Android.

Google Sky Map

This is how the science of technology astonishes the world with its eye-opening apps. One of the catchy apps is that of Google Sky Map which takes you to the heavens after installation. It makes you show the constellations, galaxies, meteors and other heavenly bodies pointed out by your Android at night. It can give the description of sky both historical and futuristic perspectives. If you want to see the arrangement of stars at night even one century ago, years in future, it will help you to know about the science of heavenly bodies including planets. It is free but dazzling app which cannot but make you saint who have access to planets, stars or galaxies with its spiritual science.

Widgets on Home Screen

As person feels free while roaming in his own territory, similarly, Android provides you with enough space to have a look and use specifications on your home screen. Sliding up and down gives you a sense of innovation and enchantment. Android provides you with the following:

Digital or Analogue Clock

Weather Update

Google Search Bar


Moreover, a lot other apps can be downloaded and used according to one’s own will. We might say that Android is store house of apps and it really serves its customers to his satisfaction.

Take a screenshot(ICS Only)

It has been a real uphill task to take a screenshot from Android in previous times. But now this problem has been resolved. Previously, it needed a special kind of software to take a screenshot but thanks to Android of latest version which had this specification.
Press power and volume down at the same time you will find get the job done.

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