10 Mind Blowing iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

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iPad has glittered the world with its awe-inspiring apps. iPad has showered its brilliant applications on its users. It is an eye opening source of teaching kids, entertainment and treatment. Parents have changed their approach towards facilitating their kids in learning process and have adopted usage of iPad that has become highly reliable. They prefer surface of iPad to orthodox-stationary use for writing.
In this article we shall discuss 10 applications which help your kids in letter writing, short story writing, books writing and many other writing tasks.



ABC Pocket phonics


abc PocketPhonics iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

Follow-me arrow is an acute technique which is used for writing through pocket phonics. It is too easy to use for kids for the purpose of writing, even, an independent research has outburst the outcomes of writing and learning through pocket phonics is nine times greater than that of other means. It is being employed immensely both in iPhone and iPad.



Play & Sing


iPlay&Sing iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

It is another superb app used for preschool kids in order to develop their taste for reading, understanding color, shapes and various designs.
It provides necessary guidance to children to use touch-screen games and articulation particularly to preschool kids.





Booksy iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

This application is pretty helpful for kids to develop their taste for reading. This is reading-cum- learning approach that enhances the kids interest towards broader aspects of curriculum understanding at early stages. Its dynamic tools can be used by parents to follow the performance of kids.



My Word Wall


My Word Wall iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

It is really an interesting app designed carefully to turn kids towards
reading, vocal repetition, rich experience of learning through visual impacts and writing skills. Special games are designed either to get well-structured learning or random one. Parents had better get iPad or iPhone to get maximum benefit from these apps.



Letter Lab


Letter Lab iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

This is an awesome app which is used for senatorial learning of alphabets. In Montessori Education system, children are taught using latest devices and this app is really helpful for it. Each letter is attributed with the sound which enhances learning acumen of kids. Both visual and audio exposition makes the children learn alphabets and other related objects easily. They can easily learn uppercase and lower case letters.


Story Patch

Story Patch  iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

The art of creativity is as important for kids as oxygen to life. This app’ story patch’ helps the kids to create their own theme for story-writing. They can design their own themes and can fabricate characters according to their own will. The art of developing themes for books gives a real appeal to the kids whereas this app is absolutely helpful for them and is found in iPhone and iPad.


Learn to Read

Learn to Read!  iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

It is highly productive application for kids to develop blocks for reading purposes. iPhone and iPad have really introduced this app for kids of nursery-schools to 2nd grade ones and it leaves irremovable impact on the minds of the kids. It creates an unending urge among children for learning and reading through examples and audio effects given with words on the dot. Kids should be encouraged by their guardians to learn and explore through this app. This app is common in latest models of iPhone and iPad and it stimulates correlation between reading and pronouncing words.


Phonics Easy Reader

Phonics Easy Reader 1 HD  iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

This app induces a sense among children to go through stories written in Rock ‘N Learn Easy Reader and apply changes according to their own mindset. This practice is certainly hallmark of mental nourishment of the kids. This app consists on short vowel sounds, vowel-consonant combination sounds and words ending on ll, ff, ss and s. The words given in initial stage of this app are beyond the rules of phonics. iPhone and iPad have been blessed with this app. Furthermore, this app gives two main categories to the kids, first, ‘Read to me’ and second is ‘Let Me Try’. In the first category, kids play the story which is read aloud whereas important memory words are highlight that invite children to memorize them. Pause and Play buttons automatically appear and disappear alternatively during using this app. In the second category’ Let me Try’ the kids read story themselves and if they feel their pronunciation is not correct they can tap the word and listen the sound of the word.


ABC Alphabet Phonics

ABC Alphabet Phonics  iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

This app has particularly been designed for learning English alphabets. It has been particularly added to iPhone and iPad whereby kids learn alphabet through touch, see and voice. This app has multilingual features due to diverse range of market-consumption of iPhone and iPad globally. Kids can add their own pictures with relevant words. This app has also feature of deletion as well. ABC Alphabet Phonics app makes kids of infant-schools learn alphabet promptly. The activity of engaging one’s own voice in this app attracts children to learn alphabets with superb enthusiasm.


Reading Raven

Reading Raven HD  iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids to Read & Learn

This app has yielded an absolute acceptable face of iPhone and iPad for kids to promote their reading skills. Due to this specific app, iPhone and iPad are being sold like hot cakes in market. This app sustains evolutionary way of reading. It involves kid’s entire attention towards reading just like other computer games which proceed gradually. This app introduces kids with phonological recognition as well as complete sentence reading perfectly according to the rules of phonics. Kids learn through games perfectly, hence, this app blesses its users with art of teaching and learning English through game-like procedure. Kids take better position in reading with the help of this app through self-driven lessons. It also produces a sense of learn through controlled way to perfectly well-paced one with absolute accuracy. This is self-centered app giving not any other site to open way for the diversion of kid’s attention.

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