Category: Nokia 5250

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Nokia 5250 LCD Display problem Ic Solutions.

White display blank display in Nokia 5250 can be due to water damage or damae of thee ic(s) in cell look at diagram bellow and be satisfide about these parts in first

Nokia 5250 Key Pad Lock is Not Working.

keypad lock is used for security reasons in nokia 5250.if it is not working in phone you ill not be able to use phone can be due to water damage carbon or

Nokia 5250 volume up down not working solution

if nokia 5250 volume up down not working then it’s solution can be as given in bellow diagram.volume keys are used to make it up and down speaker voice during call or during music...

Nokia 5250 MIC Jumper Ways Problem Solution

This is the Nokia solution for 5250 Mic, mouthpiece microphone is not a problem. The solution repair guide below simply shows the paths connecting the microphone to solve problems. Just follow a few simple...

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