Category: Nokia 1800

Nokia 1800 test mode problem solution ways

If you have test mode and local mode problem in Nokia 1800 then this post will help you to solve these issue easily by following a few steps. A repairing diagram is also given...

Nokia 1800 Lcd Display Scratch Jumpers.

Nokia 1800 Lcd Display Scratch Jumpers are given in bellow diagram.some time due to water damage and rust lcd points got damage and we can not sold lcd on it.or may we have lost...

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Nokia 1800 LCD LED Keypad Lights Solution Jumpers Tracks.

Nokia 1800 cellphone LCD LED Keypad Lights Solution Jumpers Tracks.can be found in this post that i am going to post by following these tricks and jumper by cellphone diagram you can solve...

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Nokia 1800 Display Lcd Ways Jumpers Solution

nokia 1800 lcd display problem can be solve with following these few steps i am going to write in this post.first of all check the board vary carefully and

Nokia 1800 Lcd White Display Problem Solution Jumpers

if we have display problem in nokia 1800 white display problem blank display or no display problem then in all these cases this problem can be solve with a few tips and tricks just...

nokia 1800 not charging problem solution ways jumpers

As Nokia 1800 is not charging or showing error loading loader pin plug to look than these few steps for your charger is problem.if januin chek than with other two must step charger.

Nokia 1800 Ringer Problem Solution Ways Jumpers

If the ringtone problem in Nokia 1800 SOND quality is too low or poor voice quality in Ringer Nokia 1800 you can easily solve this problem with this scheme,